Sqlite: With Great Power Comes Great Destruction

About an hour ago, I completely wiped this blog. All my posts vanished into thin air. How did such a tragedy happen, you might ask? Well, it starts with Azure and ends with sqlite.

I needed to migrate my domain from one subscription to another, as my free trial was ending. I imagined it would be an easy process. I deploy from source control, so I thought it would naturally migrate when I redeployed.

I was dead wrong.

Turns out, Ghost runs on Sqlite, which gets wiped when you change the exact hosting pattern of your site. Who knew?

I'm talking to the people from Azure about getting it back, but if not, I'll just have to rewrite a few things! I managed to recover my post on deploying an Azure Blog via source control, but that's it. For those of you who wonder what my site looked like before, this is the best I could find.

So, anyway, to new beginnings, lessons learned, and more blogging!

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